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Complicated interface, for each function. please compare to mediamonkey

inifnity, 11.08.2012, 08:16
Idea status: under consideration


dolormin, 11.08.2012, 13:37
Don't you think that it would be a disaster for every developer, if they have to copy from other softwares instead of creating unique one's? I don't like Copycat's and suggesting to reinvent the wheel is not really an improvement.
inifnity, 13.08.2012, 05:43
I do not mean to copy some one else ideas,
some ideas or interface are more intuitive, some less.
look at windows 7/ office 10. there are many applications fallowing the interface,
I dont really like that but it makes for some users more intuitive to use it.
even apple fallows the windows convention, iTunes on Mac puts options under app name where in in windows they put under edit / options.

My intention is where they do make software , especially inferior to to a well establish software. . at least they could look what the competition is doing, Ibeleive that is valid for any business in thsi warld。That way they would not make some mistakes. and already having own ideas they could improve and go beyond other applications.

When you say reinventing the wheel, this is exactly what they are doing, they reinventing something that is already on the market..

The improvements that i suggested (and i hoped id did not had to write a long explanation)to be understood) I hoped for the interface to be more stylish, be able to able to perform more tasks with less clicks. to be able to select only directory to perform specific tasks on it with out actually adding to the list. just like in http://www.mp3tag.de/en/ where i can drop to the main window a directory and quickly perform some global tasks, and then load another directory. All is clearly visible the (tags content and can see the inconstancy in genre or album name and can easy globally correct.

I dont remember all the function of this AudioGrail 7.0 as i removed so cannot at this point the point of question that i had at that time. I removed as I found not having the function that I would already had in others or the functions were more complicated to use. I believe that is the whole idea, to find out what would users like to improve. and stay using the software.

Look at apple , the iPod, iPhone. This products swept the market . But who is the original inventor of the product? I have seen miniature mp4 players in Taiwan, way before apple even dream about making ipod with video screen, Motorola had before iPhone small size phones with touch screen and buttons like iPhone.. Vosonic had small players lasting 10h batteries with a 3"screen 2.5 hard drive. that unit can play music, videos as well as record video and audio. can be used to copy from variety of memory cards SD, and Sony card right to the internal hard drive, at that time it was a great pocket size unit, as the memory card for you camera did not had a huge capacity so with that unit you could go along with one sd card and save all your photos without carrying a big portable computer.
At the end apple won. Marketing and some ideas of combining ready products into one make them leading in that field to that extend that in china quite few kids sold their organs to be able to buy iphone or ipod or any other apple product.

My point is that in this world we cannot invent thing, we can imp[rove them, and based on what we know we can come up with a new products. We can change it use to make new product, we can have a new approach to the same things. Well back in early '70 when my father bought me first LCD watch, it could only display the time and stop watch. at that time I have already visualize big wall showing movies.
I did not invent anything new i just use the idea of LCD to use for different purpose.
The more you know the more ideas you can have. Often happens that you dont know your competing product and you spin your wheels not knowing why your product does not sell. so I brought the teir attention some thing to compare not necessary to copy it.

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